Arrow Aviation offers aircraft consulting buying & management services. The company’s CEO Zvi Ozer, is an experienced captain with over 25,000 hours flight as well as an FAA & CAA licensed mechanic of jet aircrafts. Arrow Aviation and Ozer’s high standards for aircraft buying & management services are non compromised. We will search and buy aircrafts, new or used, for our clients according to their specific needs & requirements.

We will take into consideration all relevant parameters such as size, type of aircraft, appearance, rang, speed, comfort, furnishing and, of course, price and cost of operation. Our aircraft management service is a “TURN KEY OPERATION”. We will handle registration, maintenance, technical publications and flight dispatch: flight plans, over flight & landing permits, handling arrangements, crew, transportation, accommodation service etc’.

Arrow Aviation offers a wide range of aircraft search, buy and management services suited to our client’s needs and desires when reliability and professionalism are our milestones.